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5 Best Places To Visit In California.

California is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is so beautiful that it has some of the things you can never find in any other part of this world. Below are some of the most beautiful places in California some people don’t even know exist:

Painted Canyons
This place has the best hikes you will ever go on as it is usually a ladder hike through a narrow and refreshingly cold gorge. The place gets its name from its walls which are washed with reds, pinks, grays, greens, and browns especially when you first pull into the canyon.

The seven teacups
This place is regarded as one of the coolest natural wonders of the Sierras and is one of the world’s most canyoneering challenges. To climb the seven teacups, you need ropes and stuff to climb it.

Burney Falls
The best thing about Burney ...

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