France Cabanon San Jose California A Look At Some Of The Places To Eat In San Jose California

A Look At Some Of The Places To Eat In San Jose California

California is such a big state, one with plenty of beaches, oversized attractions, excellent restaurants and summer sunshine. The cost of living can be a little much, and many cities are spread out, but who said you had to live there? You might want to after you have seen more, but you might not. What you will say though is that you enjoyed your trip there. There are many cities that you could visit. Let’s pick San Jose for this article, and let’s see what restaurants await you when you arrive.

According to a top travel site, one of the best establishments in San Jose, #2 to be clear, is Bill’s Cafe. It is located on Willow Street, and it is a great place to pick for breakfast or brunch. The menu highlights mention that it is certainly known for its soups and sandwiches. Furthermore, it’s not just a place for travelers, as the reviews say it is a favorite breakfast hotspot of the locals.

Grill on the Alley is up next, and it is located on South Market Street. This is a great spot for steak and seafood in San Jose, so keep that in mind if you are craving a ribeye. What would you like on your baked potato? I’ll take about ever they have to offer. Reviewers talk about the sourdough bread being delicious, too.

Next up is The Counter Santana Row, and it is found on Olin Avenue. The burgers served at this place look very unique and very delicious. You will have to just see what I mean. I will say that the reviews mention that you can run into a wait here. You can imagine it would be worth the wait though if you have time. Reviewers say you literally build your own burger by filling out a piece of paper. Very interesting!

I forgot to mention that there are almost 2000 restaurants in San Jose, but you probably guessed that, or roundabouts anyway. The last featured restaurant for this short article is The Boiling Crab, and it is located on Curtner Avenue. You know you are going to be privy to delicious crab and other seafood items there. Now it is time to focus on getting to San Jose and having a great time. Maybe you are already there, and it is time to eat. If that’s the case, you already know where to go.